Cultural + Community Outreach Program in Morocco

The Cultural + Community Outreach Program (CCOP) is an international and/or domestic trip that includes a volunteer project and/or a cultural immersion experience. We would like to bring a different perspective to “travel” by serving purpose on our trips. Our program was developed for millennials of color (including all underrepresented ethnicities). 

Why minorities? We do not have enough underrepresented youth and millennials who are provided the same opportunities and support. 2.9% of all U.S. students enrolled at institutions of higher education in the U.S. have studied abroad during the 2014-2015 academic year (NAFSA Trend Report). Only 27.1% of those students were minorities. The lack of resources and funds are limiting minorities from receiving a global education and we believe our programs will foster the importance of international and cultural exposure (whether in or out of school). Transformative learning is what shapes a person’s judgment and opinion. 


For 2017, we will be heading to Marrakech, Morocco for an Agriculture Project administrated through Volunteer HQ (IVHQ).  Our volunteer efforts will be located in the Atlas Mountains, 1.5hr away from Marrakech.  The focus of this project is to assist farmers in the rural villages of the Amazigh (Berber) community, in order to improve their farming outcome. We will be located in the Atlas Mountains and work involves feeding animals, managing offspring, milking, ploughing, seeding, weeding, and harvesting, and are encouraged to teach Basic English to the farmers we are placed with. The program will cover the following components:

- Learn about the local people, culture and food
- Volunteer within the community and make an impact
- Participate in local activities and tours
- Explore historic sites
- Build new and lasting relationships with travel partners


This program is held by OneYoungTraveler LLC ( and sponsored by our non-profit partner A Touch of Heart, Inc (a registered 501[c]3). 

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Cultural + Community Outreach Program in Morocco

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